Taking the Polar Plunge


 Some talk the talk

Some walk the walk

Sunday some took the plunge.

I would do many things to promote literacy and to support the Chicago Special Olympics (my son was a coach when he was in Chicago), but taking the Polar Plunge definitely does NOT fall in that category. Fortunately, there are others, apparently thousands of others (including some who are well-known), who are foolish willing to brave the icy waters of Lake Michigan and Chicago’s frigid temperatures in their efforts to advance those causes.

Let’s backtrack a little. Last July, Mayor Rahm Emanuel issued a challenge to the city’s children to read at least 2 million books over the summer by participating in the Rahm’s Readers program. If they read that much, Mayor Emanuel and former Chicago Bear Israel Idonije would take the Chicago Polar Plunge, established as a fundraiser for the Special Olympics. Well, the kids of Chicago got reading and succeeded in reading even more than 2 million books.

The excitement factor was raised when Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon offered to join the Mayor in taking the plunge, if the Mayor would agree to appear on his show. A deal was struck, and Jimmy Fallon promised to show up dressed in a suit. Yesterday was the day to pay up and in fact, the Mayor was the first to jump into Lake Michigan. The water temperature was 32 degrees and the air temperature in single digits.

Special Olympics Chicago raised a record 1 million dollars from this year’s plunge, which will support programs for their 5,500 athletes citywide. Kudos to all involved!



8 Responses to “Taking the Polar Plunge”

  1. Hope To Read

    Hopped over from the Kid Lit Blog Hop #34. I shared your blog on my Facebook. My son swims with SO in Memphis

    • belindambrock

      Thanks so much for visiting and the share! Special Olympics is a great organization–we’ve been long-time supporters.

  2. Grandma Kc

    It is an absolutely wonderful cause but like you — there is no way you could get me to do that! I’m a wimp and I’m OK with that!

  3. Lisa_GrandmasBriefs

    So crazy! I can’t believe people do this. But, yes, it’s for a great cause. And I love that Jimmy Fallon was willing to take the plunge. What a trooper!