About Me

If you think I’m going to tell you I’ve had a book in my hands as long as I can remember, you’re right. I was that kid, the one who read the back of the cereal box with breakfast, the one who begged her mother to let her finish the chapter before turning out the lights, the one who read the dictionary for fun.  I hid books in various spots around the house as if they were forbidden candy (I hadn’t yet discovered the joy of dark chocolate). Going to the library was my favorite neighborhood outing. My supportive mom carried home shopping bags full of books and never complained (though she was a bit annoyed when I kept the books too long, running up overdue fines).

I’ve always loved words, stories, language, and languages.

My undergraduate major was French language and literature, and I spent a year living and studying in France. Later, I earned a master’s degree in language and literacy. The many jobs I’ve held throughout my life—teacher, editor, actor, writing coach, writer— also reflect my passions.

Volunteer work is important to me, and in recent years, I’ve focused my efforts on advancing literacy and environmental causes. In fact, I use my blog to highlight worthwhile organizations doing work in these areas. And although I didn’t become a librarian as I once considered, I am the sponsor and steward of the Little Free Library in my town.

Other favorite things: taking long walks in the woods, by the beach (I live near Lake Michigan), and at the Botanic Garden, riding my bike, snorkeling, playing games, visiting farmers markets, and cooking. Dancing always lifts my spirits and sitting in my gazebo calms me.

“With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?”

- Oscar Wilde

Three Things Not Many People Know About Me

  1. My father was a decorating contractor, and the color charts he brought home fascinated me. I spent hours playing with them, and that’s how I learned to read! I was the only kindergartner who used words like aubergine, ecru, and vermilion.
  2. I can do a chilling impersonation of the Wicked Witch of the West.
  3. My siblings are decades older than I am and married when I was a preschooler. Growing up, I thought of myself as an only child with three sets of parents.

“Writing is rewriting.”

- every good writer