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Happily, many bloggers have read and reviewed my new picture book, GG and Mamela. Christina Morley of Amanda’s Books and More took it one step further and in a follow-up to her initial review, made GG’s chicken soup recipe with her youngest child, Amanda. Christina generously included wonderful photos of the process and I am sharing that post with you today. GG would be pleased with the collaboration between Christina and her adorable daughter, the delicious results and the fact that her family recipe is traveling around the globe.


GG’s Chicken Soup Recipe

GG's Chicken Soup Recipe, PicMonkey Collage
I recently had the opportunity to read and review a heartwarming book called GG and Mamela. It’s a book for Amanda’s age group. She enjoyed listening to the story. Her favorite part was when GG taught Mamela how to make her special chicken soup.

The page that excited Amanda the most was when we got to the actual recipe at the end of the book. I agreed to make it with her and she reminded me, so that I wouldn’t forget. I won’t be posting the actual recipe here (for copyright reasons), but I will explain all the steps so that you can make it yourself. Also, mine is slightly adapted for convenience.

To find out more about the book and its author, you can visit my review on GG and Mamela. To purchase the book with the original recipe, you can visit Amazon or the Author Website.

This soup is delicious!

Day 1

Chicken Soup - Day 1 (1)
Rinse the chicken well. Cover with water in
a large pot and bring to the boil.

Chicken Soup - Day 1 (2)
Skim the foam off and discard.
Once the bubbles become white,
lower the heat to a simmer.

Chicken Soup - Day 1 (3)
Add the vegetables:
3 carrots (chopped), 2 celery stalks with leaves
(chopped), quartered onion and peeled sweet potato
(my onions and sweet potato were on
the small side, so I used 2 of each).
The recipe included a parsnip (chopped),
but I couldn’t get one in our small town.

Chicken Soup - Day 1 (4)
Add seasoning: Salt and pepper.
Stir the soup occasionally.
Simmer, half covered, for about
1 1/2 hours or until veggies are

Chicken Soup - Day 1 (5)
Remove the chicken and let it cool
before taking the meat off the bone
(in bite size pieces). Pour the soup
through a strainer to get a clear
broth. Cut up the sweet potato.
Refrigerate the veggies.
Cool the soup and
refrigerate overnight.

Day 2

Chicken Soup - Day 2 (1)
Remove the fat that has thickened on top
of the soup. Reheat the soup with the
veggies and the chicken pieces.
Check if the soup needs more salt.
Cook fine egg noodles separately
and drain them.

Chicken Soup - Day 2 (3)
Soup being reheated with the veggies and chicken.

Chicken Soup - Day 2 (2)
Chop fresh parsley and dill.

Chicken Soup - Day 2 (4)
Spoon a helping of noodles in each soup bowl
and then ladle in the hot soup. Garnish with
fresh parsley and dill in each bowl.

Chicken Soup - Day 2 (5)
Amanda adding the garnish.

Chicken Soup - Day 2 (6)
A bowl of GG’s Chicken Soup
This soup is delicious!

We live in the southern hemisphere, in South Africa, and it’s now winter time. This soup was perfect for the cold weather and we all enjoyed eating it. There was enough to last for two days for our family of six. I think it would be lovely to eat anytime of the year, even summer. Try it! You will be glad you did.


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  1. Grandma Kc

    What a sweet re-telling! I love the idea of children cooking with their grandmas and I bet it was delicious! Amara and I should try it when the weather cools again.