Happy Mother’s Day!


My Mother ~ Ruth Michelson

Tomorrow is the day set aside to honor the mothers, grandmothers and perhaps even the great-grandmothers in our lives. Sometimes the circle widens to include aunts and other women who have played a meaningful role.

I hope that a book is among the presents you give or receive, whether it be a memoir, novel, volume of poetry, cookbook or blank journal ready to be filled with memories, observations and dreams.

A book can be purchased at the last minute but feels like a thoughtful gift. Support your local indie bookstore, where a staff member will guide you toward the perfect choice and even wrap your selection. You don’t have to consider size, color or food/flower allergies when you’re purchasing a book, though you might opt for large print or an audio version. You can even download an ebook to the recipient’s Kindle or iPad. In fact, I came across an ebook poem, Mother’s Day, by Alice Hoffman, an author I enjoy and whose work usually falls into the genre of magic realism. In an interview with Psychology Today, she credits her mother (a single working mom):

I became a reader by borrowing my mother’s books, and it changed who I was. For that I will always be grateful. I doubt that I would have become a writer if my mother hadn’t been such a great reader.124081-122720

 Mother’s Day is described as a joyous picture book for mothers and daughters of all ages. It’s a cool present for under $2.00.

You can also send your mother a personalized Mom dance video for free through Moms Rising or Women’s Voices for the Earth, worthwhile organizations founded by mothers determined to protect the health of their families and the planet.

Along with reading, I hope your Mother’s Day brings you hugs and laughter, good wishes and good food, appreciation and love… in some measure.

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11 Responses to “Happy Mother’s Day!”

  1. Max Brock

    Great post!! Happy (early) Mother’s Day to my favorite mom

  2. Anita

    Thanks so much for sharing this lovely post and for mentioning the MomsRising #momdance Mother’s Day video e-card! It can be customized for you and watched here: http://momdance.com

    • belindambrock

      Thanks for stopping by, Anita, and for the link. I am always happy to support MomsRising and similar-minded organizations.

  3. Linda Berkson

    Great post Belinda! Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! Lots of love!

  4. carolcovin

    Years ago, I switched virtually all my gift-giving to books. There is such a variety, there is pretty much no one for whom a book is not a great gift. Love the concept for your site. I give my grandchildren two books on their birthday and two at Christmas – one photo book of pictures of them I’ve taken all year, around some theme (this year is Next! and Story. Last year’s were Machines and Animals), and a published book. I asked one of my sons once if they preferred the published books, because they are more polished. “Oh, no, Mom. They love the ones with photos of themselves.”

  5. belindambrock

    What a great idea! Would mind explaining what kind of pictures were in Next! and Story? Reading and storytelling?