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Guest: Becky Sarah, Grandparenting Expert


As friends of mine become first-time grandmothers, I like to give them a gift to mark this cherished milestone in their lives. I’ve given darling frames to two women and a small book with a humorous, light-hearted look at grandparenting to a third. But now I’ve come across another great choice: Grandmothering:Real Life in Real Families by Becky Sarah, a manual that combines common sense advice and interviews with more than 80 women.

For her newly-released book, Becky drew upon her professional experience as a former teacher, midwife, childbirth and parent educator, as well as Public Health Director for the city of Chelsea, Massachusetts. I am happy to welcome Becky Sarah as today’s guest writer. Continue reading



Collaboration is a wonderful concept. It involves harmonious cooperation and joint contributions and mutual engagement—in other words, you’re working together. Collaboration is desirable when it comes to a doctor/patient relationship, co-parenting, and passing new legislation, among other things. Continue reading