Best Classic Games for Children

Playing a game with your grands offers another way to spend time together pleasurably, bond and create memories. Here’s a list of classic games, which kids will still delight in playing.

  • BingoBananagrams is a fun, fast-paced word game with relatively simple rules and best of all, comes in a cool, yellow banana-shaped pouch (ages 8+).
  • Battleship is a game of strategy and logic (ages 7+).
  • Bingo – still fun, especially if there are prizes!
  • Candy Land also requires no reading and is great for pre-schoolers.
  • Chess is a game with many cognitive benefits for those who play; if you have an opportunity to teach a child who is receptive to learning, he or she will always be grateful.
  • Chutes and Ladders is for the youngest players, helping them learn to take turns and count.
  • Clue revolves around an unsolved mystery with the usual suspects (ages 8+).
  • Connect 4 is kind of like tic-tac-toe, but more challenging and very popular in our house (ages 7+).
  • Cribbage requires a deck of cards and a cribbage board with pegs to keep score; it’s fun once you get the hang of it (ages 8+).
  • Guess Who? helps develop observational skills and was one of our all-time favorites (ages 6+).
  • Monopoly is, of course, a good game, but opt for the junior version if you don’t have an afternoon to while away.
  • Rummikub is a fast-moving tile-based game (ages 8+).
  • Rush Hour is a traffic jam logic game and has 4 levels of difficulty—my son loved this one (ages 8+).
  • Scrabble is the premier word game (ages 8+).
  • Trivial Pursuit is probably one you love or hate. This q & a game tests your knowledge and comes in many different versions.
  • Yahtzee lets you shake the dice and roll to make certain combinations (ages 8+).

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